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-- What is Partner Site script? Partner Site script is a complete, fully customizable, money-making web site that is 100% ready to make you money. All you have to do is promote your own compare prices engine! Earn money on a pay-per-click basis by driving qualified customers to merchants.


--How does it work?

Using Partner Site script, you can turn your site into a shopping comparison engine using's Api. This is easy to set up and you don't need to hire someone to customize it for you.


--How much does it cost?

The price for the Partner Site script is $250 USD per 1 site (one time fee includes one year email support) + $150 USD per each additional site/mirror.
If you cannot install the script yourself or have difficulties, we can do full installs of the script for $20 USD.
To purchase scripts please refer to our Script BuyNow page.


-- I would like to create a price comparison site dedicated only to the "Video Games" category. Is this possible?

Yes, it's possible, but it will cost you additional $100. You can see example site here


-- I would like my site to look like the Best Priced site, but with slightly different header. Would that level of customization be included in the $100 and if not how much do you charge?

If you want just change the header and footer design - yes, we can do it for you for $100. If you need a more complex redesign - please use the contact form to send us your request.


--I have no partner with, can I use your script?

Yes,  the script will work excellently. You can use it to promote a third party such as Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network, Chitika or any other.


--I use PHP, and don't want to learn something else. Do you have a php version?

Sorry, we don't have php version of our script.


--Can I see website uses Partner Site script or Demo site?

Please look here


--After I install script on my server I get some errors:
   A. The main page comes up but as soon as I click on any link I get an error page.

This can be in two cases.

  1. You have widget Linkin ID while to work our script needed API Linkin ID.
  2. Your hosting provider ban outbound connections. For example GoDaddy does so.
    Read this:

  3. List of Known Incompatible Hostings:
    1. GoDaddy
    2. 1and1
    3. Brinkster free accounts

If anyone is looking for really good quality hosting and great customer service, you can try try this company.


   B. I no see subcategories. I see the message in the side menu: "There are no additional ways to narrow down these results."

The reason of this is that not giving you the opportunity to do so for your LinkinID. Contact with affiliate manager and ask him to turn this feature on for you.


--How pays out their affiliate?

It is a PPC (Pay Per Click) program that pays around 80% of the rates they charge their advertisers each time a user sent to clicks through to one of their retailers.
The rates they publish on their site start at:

Electronics $0.48 - $1.20
Kitchen $0.30
Computers $0.77 - $1.10
Home and Garden $0.17 - $0.30
Sports and Outdoors $0.06 - $0.63
Video Games $0.19 - $0.31
Garden $0.30
Health and Beauty $0.58 - $0.81
Kids and Family $0.19 - $0.63
Jewelry and Watches $0.24 - $0.78
Office $0.44 - $1.10
Building Supplies $0.30
Food and Wine $0.18
Large Kitchen Appliances $0.36
Clothing and Accessories $0.22 - $0.39
Small Kitchen Appliances $0.18 - $0.72
Flowers and Gifts $0.31
Books $0.06
Movies $0.06
Music $0.06
Travel $0.05
Furniture $0.30
Home Furnishings $0.30
Pets $0.24
Magazine and Subscriptions $0.17
Cars $0.06 - $0.44
Event Tickets $0.33
Appliance Accessories $0.18
Musical Instruments & Accessories $0.06 - $0.63
Home Appliances $0.36 - $0.72
Sports Memorabilia and Fan Shop $0.19

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